Oduduwa Europe is an expert in authentic Yoruba culture and
the European partner of the Centre of Yoruba Traditional Culture Nigeria.

Cultural Centre

The Oduduwa Europe research and educational centre operates under the auspices of the Centre of Yoruba Traditional Culture Nigeria, headed by the notable Adéṣínà Síkírù Sàlámì - Bàbá King, Ph.D., the author of several reference works on the Yorubas. The centre's programme focuses primarily on Yoruba social and religious practices.

The Oduduwa Europe archive with its core focus on Yoruba oral literature and art is a documentation centre for primary source materials, including a prestigious collection of authentic Yoruba orality.

Publishing House

The Oduduwa Europe is an independent international publisher that promotes books with thematic emphases on Sub-Saharan Africa, especially Yorubaland and the Yorubas. The publishing house promotes distinguished authors in the fields of the humanities, social sciences and arts. Our publications are the result of decades’ worth of scientific collaboration between Europe and Nigeria and are intended for the scientific community as well as for readers broadly interested in the subject.


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Ọba ló ni opo,
Èṣù Ọ̀dàrà ló ni ìkóríta mẹ́ta.

To king belongs the throne,
to Èṣù Ọ̀dàrà belong crossroads.

Forthcoming publication

Adéṣínà Síkírù Sàlámì - Bàbá King

Notes on Yoruba Culture, Theology, Rituals and Symbolism Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

A marvellous culmination of 30 years of study and research is presented in approximately 1,500 perfectly structured pages of English texts substantiated with expressions of authentic Yoruba orality, faithfully translated with added generous commentary and a selection of meaningful photos.

A unique and incomparable work for scholars, researchers, students, priests and devotees.

Maja Mesesnel, editor

In preparation

 in collaboration with

About the author

Babalorisha Adéṣínà Síkírù Sàlámì - Bàbá King, Ph.D., is Yoruba, born in Abéòkúta, the capital of Ogun State in Nigeria. He is a member of a family with a rich spiritual history of priests belonging to the royal Kenta family. For more than three decades, he has been dedicating most of his time to scientific research, in-depth study and teaching of the traditional Yoruba language, culture and religion on an international level.