Our mission

The mission of our project is to share the knowledge on how to lead a better life by using the wisdom of the Òrìṣà philosophy in all aspects of existence. Òrìṣà is a way of life, and everyone unconsciously uses the energy of the Òrìṣà by drinking water, eating, and breathing. The religious aspect is only a part of the wider philosophy.

Health is a prerequisite for a good life; however, our western understanding of health is usually limited only to its physical and mental aspects. But our general health also depends on our emotional stability, material safety, respectful behaviour and healthy relationships, our environmental balance, on how much we are present in any given moment and if we are in the right place for us. All of this is fundamental for good health! Praying to Gods is simply not enough; if we want to enjoy all the goodness of life, we must be aware of our daily actions and reactions.

With all the cultural events, lectures, workshops, publications and books we want to serve the humanity and make sure that this beautiful, meaningful and unique wisdom perseveres in its most genuine form.

Mother Nature doesn’t choose sides, it serves everyone, and that’s why this philosophy is applicable worldwide. We wish to serve you and help you apply it in the best possible way!

Jasmina Audič
Oduduwa Europe Director